Fiberhome FONST 3000 ODU48_E ODU48_O

Brand: Fiberhome

Model: FONST 3000 ODU48_E ODU48_O

Detail:  Fiberhome FONST 3000 48 road sub-disc ODU48_E ODU48_O

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Fiberhome FONST 3000 48 road sub-disc ODU48_E ODU48_O

FONST 3000-96x40Gbit/s OTN intelligent wavelength division multiplexing system
–OTN intelligent wave division products
FONST 3000 is an OTN-based multi-service intelligent WDM transmission platform. The platform supports 96×100Gbit/s (9.6Tb/s) ultra long-distance transmission, 360G OTH electrical cross-scheduling capability, full support for ROADM dynamic wavelength scheduling and G.709 standard interface, with perfect wavelength and sub-rate protection. Strategy to give your network peace of mind.

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Fiberhome FONST 3000 pic

Fiberhome FONST 3000 picture

Fiberhome FONST 3000 picture

Fiberhome FONST 3000 pic

Fiberhome FONST 3000 photo

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