FONST 7000

Brand: Fiberhome

Model: FONST 7000

Detail: Fiberhome FONST 7000 N series POTN platform, group enhanced ultra-large capacity 400G & 400G + intelligent transmission platform .

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The FONST 7000 N series is a super-large capacity packet enhanced POTN intelligent transmission platform, which is widely used in various scenarios such as national trunk, provincial trunk, and metro core. Based on the unified cell switching mode, centralized switching and unified scheduling of multiple types of service particles such as ODU/VC/PKT are realized. Supports a variety of device applications such as OTN/WDM/PTN.
FONST 7000 N series POTN provides ROADM, Tbit level unified switching, full service granular 100M ~ 400Gbps arbitrary rate access switching, ASON / GMPLS control plane, 10G / 40G / 100G / 400G hybrid transmission, and a variety of rich management and protection. It can effectively reduce device stacking, simplify network hierarchy, improve network bearer efficiency, and reduce network transmission costs.

FONST 7000 N

Alice card



Industry's largest cross-capacity 400G/400G+ POTN platform
3.84T~64T Rich cross capacity uses various application scenarios
The backplane slot has a bandwidth of 1T and supports 100G, 400G, and Tbit transmission.
40 wave / 48 wave / 80 wave / 96 wave / 192 wave smooth upgrade capability

Safe and reliable
Complete network-level protection: The optical layer supports OCP, OMSP, and OLP protection. The electrical layer supports multiple service protection modes based on OCH, ODUk, Ethernet, and MPLS-TP, and supports loading of the ASON/GMPLS control plane.
Device-level redundancy backup: Power supply and NE management unit "1+1" protection, cross unit is protected by "resource pool M:N", intelligent fans are backups of each other, and can be independently maintained.

Centralized unified exchange
Unified switching architecture to support VC/PKT / ODU unified crossover
Full service access, including: STM-1/4/16/64/256, GE/10GE/40GE/100GE, OTU1/OTU2/OTU3/OTU4, SAN (storage area network) and video, etc. Future-oriented business expansion
Supports VLAN and MPLS-TP to implement statistical multiplexing of GE, 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE services to improve bandwidth utilization.

Easy maintenance
Statistical analysis of performance parameters such as optical power, OSNR, bit error rate, Q value, report generation and automatic optimization
It has automatic channel power balance, automatic control of line optical power, automatic compensation, and automatic disk discovery, which greatly reduces the workload of operation and maintenance.
Support standard G.709 interface, provide rich OTN overhead bytes; support OSC, ESC two monitoring methods
Support 1588V2 time and frequency synchronization protocol
Introducing IAMS (Integrated Maintenance System), which can comprehensively analyze alarms and performance, quickly and accurately locate faults, and provide early warning to improve the stability of network operation.
Work with OTNPlaner network planning tools to implement network topology, service routing, and device configuration planning, and support fault simulation analysis to provide decision support services for users.

Model: FONST 7000

Detail: Fiberhome FONST 7000 N series POTN platform, group enhanced ultra-large capacity 400G & 400G + intelligent transmission platform .

Condition:   New & Used

Availability:  IN STOCK


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