Fiberhome IBAS 180


Brand: Fiberhome

Model: IBAS 180

Detail: 3U STM-4/16 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 180

Condition: New & Used

Availability: IN STOCK

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STM-4/16 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 180

IBAS 180 products are mainly for the access layer MSTP equipment, compact structure, powerful, cost-effective, operators and industry market formation edge access, large customer line access and other networks ideal.

Compact structure, easy installation

  • IBAS 180 height of 3U, can be standard 19-inch rack installation, but also wall or set, a substantial savings in room space; full configuration power consumption, to adapt to a variety of installation environment

Multi-service carrying capacity

  • Supports transparent, interchange, aggregation of Ethernet services and builds traffic-based end-to-end Ethernet leased line with Fiberaceard CiTRANS Series MSTP

Unique fault location system

  • IBAS 180 supports multiple loopback modes of service and port, supports Ethernet ping function, and quickly and accurately locates fault interval

STM-1/4/16 full rate compatibility, scalability and strong

  • IBAS 180 supports STM-1/4/16 smooth upgrade without interruption

Carrier-class high reliability design

  • The system is designed for hardware and software with high reliability and high availability. The core board supports the active and standby protection
  • With decentralized power supply, backplane dual power supply, single board dual power protection
  • Complete protection for channel / multiplex / subnet connection protection, STP / RSTP protection, etc.

IBAS 180

Alice card

With large crossover capability and rich branch interface, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16 are fully compatible with speed
High-order crossover capability is 70x70VC4, and low-order crossover capability is 2016×2016VC-12
Single system supports three STM-16 light directions, maximum support 8 622M or 14 155M, maximum up and down 160 2M, 20 FE
Comprehensive multi-service processing, FE interfaces, support for transparent/layer 2 switching, virtual concatenation, LCAS, VLAN, and QinQ, and support for ATM/IMA service processing functions
Can be used as an MSAP device to provide PDH optical branch disk directly to MSAP edge optical transceiver
Service Interface Disk compatible with IBAS110A
Suitable for network convergence/access layer, especially for large-capacity 3G base station access

Model: IBAS 180

Detail: 3U STM-4/16 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 180

Condition:   New & Used

Availability:  IN STOCK


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