About Us

Hong Telecom Equipment Service LTD(HongTelecom) is a leading professional equipment distributor and service provider in telecommunication infrastructure and solution field, and now is extending our business to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) field.

We are a leading provider of network products with 850+ customers in over 80 countries. We provide original new and used network equipments (Huawei, ZTE, Cisco, Emerson, HPE, Dell, Juniper, EMC, Alcatel, Nokia, Ericsson etc.), including Transmission, Access, Routers, Switches, Servers, Storage, Telepresence and Videoconferencing, IP Phones, Firewalls, Wireless APs & Controllers, SFPs, Memory & Flash, Hard Disk, Cables, and all kinds of network solutions related products.

International Sales Team


Alice Wei

Mobile: +86-13539976300
WeChat: +86-13539976300
WhatsApp: +86-13539976300
Skype: Hongtelecom_Alice
E: Alice@hongtelecom.com


Chris Deng

Mobile: +86-15578346173
WeChat: +86-15578346173
WhatsApp: +86-15578346173
Skype: Hongtelecom_Chris
E: Chris@hongtelecom.com


Ethan Qiu

Mobile: +86-13544269587
WeChat: +86-13544269587
WhatsApp: +86-13544269587
Skype: Hongtelecom_ethan
E: Ethan@hongtelecom.com


Samliam Chan

Mobile: +86-15195872220
WeChat: +86-15195872220
WhatsApp: +86-15195872220
Skype: Hongtelecom_Samliam
E: Samliam@hongtelecom.com


Cecilia He

Mobile: +86-13537737874
WeChat: +86-13537737874
WhatsApp: +86-13537737874
Skype: Hongtelecom_Cecilia
E: Cecilia@hongtelecom.com


Jojo Que

Mobile: +86-13825203094
WeChat: +86-13825203094
WhatsApp: +86-13825203094
Skype: Hongtelecom_Jojo
E: Jojo@hongtelecom.com


Felix Lee

Mobile: +86-15915442698
WeChat: +86-15915442698
WhatsApp: +86-15915442698
Skype: Hongtelecom_felix
E: Felix@hongtelecom.com


Crystal Wang

Mobile: +86-13713790418
WeChat: +86-13713790418
WhatsApp: +86-13713790418
Skype: Hongtelecom_Crystal
E: Crystal@hongtelecom.com