FonsWeaver 780A

Brand: Fiberhome

Model: FonsWeaver 780A

Detail: FonsWeaver 780A monocular frame with 640G / 320G large high-level crossover capability

Condition: New & Used

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Intelligent Optical Switching System FonsWeaver 780A

FonsWeaver 780A equipment is developed by the flames of large capacity, high speed, with intelligent switching function of optical communication equipment, especially for the backbone of the communications network and the core of the metropolitan area network node. FonsWeaver 780A equipment is mainly used in national primary and secondary lines, not only can achieve long-distance, high-speed reliable transmission, but also flexible access to low-speed equipment. The device can also be used for the core nodes of the metro backbone network, and the flames of various types of optical transmission equipment for mixed networking, can provide users from the backbone network to the access network of the entire solution.

Strong business access, scheduling, aggregation capabilities

* Have 20G/40G × N low-level service scheduling capability (the maximum low-level cross-160G can be realized), the configuration can be cross-demand capacity, flexible scheduling to achieve low-level business
* Subrack with 48 service slots, maximum support 8 STM-256 optical interface, or 72 STM-64 optical interfaces, or 192 STM-16 optical interfaces, or 384 STM-4 / STM-1 optical interface , or any combination of various types of optical
* Provides FE / GE full-speed Ethernet interfaces that support Ethernet Layer 2 switching, virtual concatenation, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ, embedded RPR, MPLS and other functions embedded
* Comprehensive protection mechanisms to support path protection, multiplex section protection, and other sub-network connection protection, support for pre-recovery, sharing recovery and dynamic recovery, restoration, protection can be customized to support a variety of network strategy for survival and recovery
* The use of distributed intelligent approach to support adaptive traffic engineering, according to the business needs of dynamic allocation of network bandwidth, end to end business low-cost auto-configuration
Support for backward compatibility feature PTN, with 10GE, GE, FE, E1 and other multi-service interfaces can be formed according to the different needs of the line rate 10GE or GE PTN network
* Improved OTNPlanner network planning software system
* Single disc with FonsWeaver780B business completely general
• Suitable for inter-provincial trunk, trunk province, large metro / local core

FonsWeaver 780A


Alice card

FonsWeaver 780A monocular frame with 640G / 320G large high-level crossover capability, and can be based on user needs flexible expansion of low-level cross-cutting capabilities, in order to achieve a variety of particles in the network business that free scheduling, greatly reducing the complexity of networking, Effectively improve operational efficiency

  • FonsWeaver 780A has 48 business slots, support up to 64 * 10G optical interface or the same capacity of the combination of various speed optical port

Flexible networking capabilities to accommodate complex network topologies

  • FonsWeaver 780A supports various SDH networking forms (including chain, ring, intersecting ring, tangent ring and other networking topologies), Mesh networking, and traditional SDH and Mesh networks. Network approach, to achieve arbitrary networking realm, and to provide a sound network survival mechanism

Strong compatibility

  • All service interface boards are fully compatible with FonsWeaver 780B devices

Excellent multi - service carrying capacity

In addition to supporting traditional TDM services, FE, GE, 10GE and ATM services are supported to support Ethernet Layer 2 switching, RPR, MPLS, STP protection, support for statistical multiplexing of ATM services, support virtual concatenation, LCAS function, The earth optimizes the processing power of data services

Carrier-class high-availability design

  • The system has high reliability and high availability design for hardware and software
  • Hardware protection scheme: Intelligent control unit, NE management unit, core unit protection: Includes crossover, clock unit 1 + 1 hot backup protection
  • Software protection scheme: Provides multi-level protection of programs and data with self-test and self-healing. At the same time, by keeping the running data with SRAM, the backup data is saved in FLASH, further improving the reliability of software operation
  • Power protection scheme: decentralized power supply, backplane dual power supply, single board dual power supply protection

Model:  FonsWeaver 780A 

Detail: FonsWeaver 780A monocular frame with 640G / 320G large high-level crossover capability

Condition:   New & Used

Availability:  IN STOCK

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