Fiberhome IBAS 110A


Brand: Fiberhome

Model: IBAS 110A

Detail: STM-1/4 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 110A

Condition: New & Used

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STM-1/4 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 110A

IBAS 110A is an optical fiber transmission equipment developed by the flames. The device is based on SDH transmission platform, providing 155Mbit / s service, 2M TDM service and Ethernet service, MSTP equipment suitable for the edge of the access layer transmission network

  • 2U high, compact structure, can be wall mounted, can also be installed cabinet
  • The system provides 16 × 16 VC4 full cross capability

Perfect multi-service processing, providing 155M / FE / 45M / 34M / E1 interface, supporting Ethernet services transparent / Layer 2 switching, virtual concatenation, LCAS, VLAN, QinQ and other functions




Alice card

Line interface and access capacity

It supports standard STM-1/STM-4 optical interface, frame structure and basic functions.

It supports 2 STM-1 optical interfaces. Equipment can be upgraded to STM-4 through using STM-4 system cards which support 2 STM-4 optical interfaces.

The total access capability of this equipment is 64 channels of E1, among which 32 channels of E1 are provided by system card.

Its total Ethernet (10/100Mbit/s access capability is 16, with system cards (only S622E8 and S155E8 system cards) supporting 8.

The total access capability of STM-1 optical tributary of this equipment is 2 and PDH optical tributary access capability is 4.

User interface

It supports all defined overhead bytes. E1 byte is used for providing one channel of order wire; E2 and F1 bytes are used for providing four channels of data interfaces with rate < 9.6kbit/s. Supports RS232 interface.

Various management interfaces

Provides F and f f/Debuginterfaces. The F interface is connected with network management server, which uses standard Ethernet communication protocols and processes management information from server. The f interface is connected with PC and uses RS232 interface. When management network is not established, and equipment needs maintenance, f interface can also be used for equipment debugging and maintenance. At the same time, one

Equipment Overview

channel of RS485 interface is provided for management for other access equipments of FiberHome. For application in transferring the networking management through equipments of other manufacturers, F2 channel can be used as DCC channel for transferring network management information.

Clock interfaces

IBAS110A equipment provides 2 ports of 2Mbit/ssupporting SSM functionor 2MHz external clock interfaces. Adaptation of 2Mbit/s, 2MHz is performed with setting inside system card. 9-pin D type connector is used as the physical interface.

The timing system of this equipment can work under one of the following three conditions: locking up mode, hold-over mode, free running mode. The equipment reference timing source can be selected from external clock reference input, line reference input and tributary reference input (including STM-1 tributary and E1 tributary).

Networking ability of various topologies

It can support multiple network topologies, such as ring, chain, T-type (at most supporting 2 optical tributaries or 4 PDH optical tributaries). It can also act as remote end of other equipments ,i.e. service extension of high level equipment.

Protection mechanism

When configured as STM-1 equipment, it can provide path protection.

When configured as STM-4 equipment, this equipment is able to provide path protection, line protection and 2-fiber multiplex section protection.

Alarm function

Provides integrated alarm and report functions of SDH, PDH, IBAS110A MSTP Equipment Ethernet, etc.

Provides 6 ports of circumstance monitor interfacesTTL level and 6 ports of control interfacesTTL level.

Provides temperature, power alarm and performance monitor functions.

Provides fan alarm functions and fan card can be removed out under electricity-on conditions.

Model: IBAS 110A

Detail: STM-1/4 multi-service delivery platform IBAS 110A

Condition:   New & Used

Availability:  IN STOCK

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