Huawei OSN 9800

Brand: Huawei

Model:OptiX OSN 9800

Detail:The OptiX OSN 9800 supports 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s line rates, a cross-connect capacity greater than 10 Tbit/s and MPLS-TP features.

Condition: Brand New Sealed

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OptiX OSN 9800 U series products include the following:

  • OptiX OSN 9800 U64
  • OptiX OSN 9800 U32
  • OptiX OSN 9800 U16

This next-generation large-capacity OTN product series is intended for 100G and beyond 100G. It has the industry’s most complete integration, provides a maximum of four 100G coherent line optical ports in a single slot, and supports future evolution to 1T/2T. The cross-connect capacities of the series products are as follows:

  • OptiX OSN 9800 U64 reaches 25.6 Tbit/s
  • OptiX OSN 9800 U32 reaches 12.8 Tbit/s
  • OptiX OSN 9800 U16 reaches 5.6 Tbit/s
Parameters 9800 UPS 9800 M24 9800 U16 9800 U32 9800 U32E 9800 U64
Dimensions 397x 442 x 291 747.2 x 442 x 295 847 x 442 x 295 1,900 x 498 x 295 2,200 x 600 x 600
(H x W x D, mm)
Number of

Service Slots

16 12/24 14 32 64
Cross-connect Type NA ODUk/ PKT/VC ODUk/ PKT/VC ODUk/ PKT/VC ODUk ODUk/ PKT/VC
Cross-connect Capability NA 2.4T/2.4T/0.96T 5.6T/2.8T/1.12T 12.8T/6.4T/2.56T 32T 25.6T/12.8T/5.12T
Channel Spacing 100 GHz fixed grid for 40/48 wavelengths
50 GHz fixed grid for 80/96 wavelengths
37.5 GHz to 400 GHz flex grid
Rate per Channel


Wavelength Range DWDM: 1,529.16nm to 1,567.13nm (C band, ITU-T G.694.1)
Power Supply –48V/–60V DC –48V DC/–60V DC
110V/220V AC


HUAWEI OptiX OSN 9800 features:

The industry’s largest capacity MS-OTN platform, with flexible services grooming

  • Provides the industry’s largest OTN cross-connect capacity. The OptiX OSN 9800 can currently offer 25.6 Tbit/s congestion free cross-connections. In the future, this can be expanded to over 100 Tbit/s by using a cluster solution. The large cross-connect capacity of the OptiX OSN 9800 enables the flexible grooming of massive services.
  • Provides large-capacity OTN electrical cross-connections and 20-degree ROADM optical cross-connections, improving network flexibility by enabling wavelength-level and sub wavelength-level grooming and quick service deployment.
  • Implements unified access, switching, and transmission of OTN, VC, and packet services using a universal switching matrix based on the industry-leading Tbit/s universal switching chip.
  • Improves network flexibility by supporting service switching, grooming, and transmission within a node in any format, including PW, LSP, Ethernet, ODUk, and VC.
  • Provides an industry’s only 100G universal line board and 100GE tributary board that supports L2 functions, enabling the efficient transmission of IP services.

Optimal 100G/400G transmission technology, meeting future bandwidth requirements

  • Uses industry-leading super 100G technology to implement up to 7000 km transmission without electrical regeneration.
  • Features the highest integration in the industry. A single slot of the OptiX OSN 9800 U series supports a maximum of four 100G coherent line optical ports, and each subrack can provide up to 256 100GE ports on the client side. This ultra-high integration saves equipment room space and reduces energy consumption.
  • Achieves the industry’s first commercial use of 200G/400G and supports evolution to 1T/2T in the future.

Open and flexible network based on TSDN

  • Supports smooth evolution to flexible optical networks based on TSDN architecture. Implements programmable control on the coding format, FEC type, number of carriers, and spectral width to meet the transmission rate and distance requirements in various application scenarios and to provide optimal network performance.
  • Supports various apps and innovative services, and implements intelligent network management and the unified grooming of cross-layer and cross-domain network resources.

Energy-Saving and Easy Maintenance, Improving O&M Efficiency

  • Features refined and dynamic energy saving mechanisms, highly integrated ASIC chips. Advanced energy saving technologies, such as intelligent warm backup, are highly efficient and greatly reduce power consumption.
  • Provides a unique Optical Doctor (OD) system that monitors online OSNR for any wavelength (10G/40G/100G/200G/400G) at any site. The OD system supports quick deployment and fault isolation, avoids investment in expensive instrument, and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Supports the online OTDR function by an OSC board, which measures fiber parameters and rapidly locates fault points and deterioration points on a fiber.
  • Provides an advanced bandwidth resource platform, enabling visible, simple, and intelligent O&M. This platform is easy to use, displays the current bandwidth distribution on a visible interface, automatically evaluates bandwidth trends, reports alarms if the bandwidth is insufficient, and supports user-friendly human-computer interaction.
  • Uses a unique intelligent power supply pool and the “pay as you grow” mode, supporting visible power supply management on the NMS to achieve on-demand power allocation and expansion.
  • Supports the transmission of 2M, IEEE 1588v2, and synchronous Ethernet clocks to fully satisfy the clock precision requirements on 3G, 4G, and future 5G networks.

OSN 9800

To address ultra-large cross-connect capacity and bandwidth requirements, Huawei presents the OptiX OSN 9800product series. The OptiX OSN 9800 product series include the OptiX OSN 9800 U64, OptiX OSN 9800 U32 and OptiX OSN 9800 universal platform subrack. Applied at the electrical layer, the OptiX OSN 9800 U64 and OptiX OSN 9800U32 share boards by using unified software and hardware platforms and can work with the OptiX OSN 9800 universal platform subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 T16 and OptiX OSN 6800 optical subracks in WDM and OTN systems.

The following table lists the detailed specifications of the OptiX OSN 9800 product series.

Specifications  OptiX OSN 9800 U64OptiX OSN 9800 U32
Subrack Dimensions (mm)2200 (H) x 600 (W) x 600 (D) (the subrack is integrated into a cabinet)1900 (H) x 498 (W) x 295 (D) (without cabinet)
CabinetN/AN63B, N66B
Number of slots for service boards6432
Switching capabilityOptical a1 to 9-degree reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM)
Electrical12.8 Tbit/s ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, flex)6.4 Tbit/s ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, flex)
3.2 Tbit/s packet services
Max. number of wavelengthsDWDM system: 80
Wavelength rangeDWDM system: 1529.16 nm to 1560.61 nm (C Band, ITU-T G.694.1)
Max. rate per channel100 Gbit/s (OTU4)
Service typeSynchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), synchronous optical network (SONET), Ethernet, storage area network (SAN), optical transport network (OTN), and video
Packet service capacityN/ASupport E-Line (MEF) and VPWS (IETF)
Support MPLS-TP
Number of MPLS tunnel: 64x1024 (Bidirectional)
Number of PW: 64x1024
Number of E-Line: 32x1024
Line rate10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s, and 100 Gbit/s
TopologyPoint-to-point, chain, star, ring, ring-with-chain, tangent ring, intersecting ring, and mesh
Redundancy and protectionEquipment level protectionPower redundancy, fan redundancy, cross-connect board redundancy, system control board redundancy
Network level protection (OTN)Optical line protection a , client 1+1 protection a , ODUk subnetwork connection protection (SNCP), tributary SNCP, intra-board 1+1 protection a , LPT
Network Level Protection (Ethernet and Packet)LAG, PW APS, Tunnel APS
Optical power managementALS, AGC a , ALC a , APE a , IPA a
Synchronization bIEEE 1588v2
2 Mbit/s or 2 MHz (with the SSM function), ITU-T G.703-compliant external clock source
External time source (1PPS+TOD)
ASONElectrical-layer ASON
Operation EnvironmentSubrack temperature:
Long-term operation: 5°C (41 °F) to 40°C (104 °F)
Short-term operation: -5°C (23 °F) to 45°C (113 °F)
Relative humidity:
Long-term operation: 5% to 85%
Short-term operation: 5% to 90%

Model:OSN 9800

Detail: The OptiX OSN 9800 supports 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s line rates, a cross-connect capacity greater than 10 Tbit/s and MPLS-TP features.

Condition: Brand New Sealed

Availability: IN STOCK

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