NSN Flexi Multiradio System Module(18TRX) ESMB 472109A

NSN Flexi Multiradio System Module(18TRX) ESMB 472109A

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Nokia Siemens Networks NSN Base Station BBU Flexi Multiradio System Module(18TRX)

ESMB 472109A/472109A.101/472109A.102

New Flexi Multiradio BTS units

This section describes the new units in Flexi Multiradio BTS, The details of other, already existing units reused in Flexi Multiradio Solution (e.g. FSMx, Transmission Modules and other optional units) can be found in the respective Product Description documents for Flexi EDGE and Flexi WCDMA.

Flexi EDGE 18/36 TRX System Module

The new Flexi EDGE 18/36 TRX System module provides the GSM/EDGE specific functionality within the Multiradio BTS. It stores and runs the GSM/EDGE BTS SW and provides the GSM/EDGE specific external and internal BTS functions.

There are two variants of Flexi Multiradio System Module; with integrated baseband processing capacity: ESMB for up to 18 and ESMC for up to 36 GSM/EDGE TRX capacities. The ESMC provides maximum capacity, however in most applications the capacity of ESMB is sufficient. As the ESMB can be duplicated and chained, operator can start the site build-out either with ESMB or ESMC with both tracks providing expansion path to maximum system capacity (36TRX/BCF).

EDGE System Module has following main functions:

  • Abis and transport,
  • OBSAI connectivity,
  • power distribution to the radios,
  • GSM/EDGE baseband
  • BTS synchronization.

The BTS O& function in Flexi Multiradio System module unit takes care of Radio Software management, Configuration management, alarm handling and recovery, reference clock management and externals alarms and controls.

ESMB/ESMC has an integrated transport unit which provides the physical transmission interfaces and the transport functionality of the BTS. Six different network interface alternatives are offered: E1 symmetrical, E1 unsymmetrical, T1, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Flexbus.

These transport interface variants are same as with Flexi EDGE System Module ESMA.

GSM/EDGE specific configurations

Following GSM/EDGE configurations are possible:

  • Up to 12 cells.
  • Up to 12 GSM/EDGE TRX/cell
  • Up to 36 TRX BTS (BCF) level configurations for GSM/EDGE.
  • Up to 108 TRX (36+36+36) site level configurations with Multi BCF/common BCCH.
  • IDD (Intelligent Downlink Diversity) and 4-way UL Diversity
  • Dual band configurations

All possible TRX/cell configurations can be built within these limits. In addition to symmetrical configurations like 2+2+2 between the cells also unsymmetrical combinations are supported like 1+2+3. A single radio branch can be shared between operators.

ESMx integrated transmission

The Flexi Multiradio BTS GSM/EDGE system module uses the same transport options as with existing Flexi EDGE BTS. The transport interface comes in five different types of plug in units inserted into the system module (ESMx):

  • FIEA : 8*E1 asymmetrical
  • FIPA : 8*E1/T1 symmetrical
  • FIFA: 2*Flexbus; TNC-type 50 Ω coaxial connector
  • FIQB: 1*SFP port, 2* Fast Ethernet, 4*E1/T1 symmetrical
  • FIYB : 1*SFP port, 2* Fast Ethernet; 4*E1/T1 asymmetrical

FIQB and FIYB will be supported with RG20 SW release

FIFA sub-module

With two radiolink Flexbus connections, the FIFA sub-module operates as a repeater and interconnects the BTSs and the BSC using loop, chain, star, and point-to-point network configurations. Each Flexbus interface has a capacity of up to 16 x 2Mbit/s, dependent on the capacity of the microwave link and whether the Flexbus is used for direct interconnection to a different Flexbus interface.

FIEA and FIPA sub-modules

With eight wireline connections per sub-module (E1 has 2Mbit/s capacity and T1 has 1.5 Mbit/s capacity), the FIEA and the FIPA operate as branching points and interconnect the BTSs and the BSC using the loop, chain, star and point-to-point network configurations.

FIQx and FIYx sub-modules

With two FE and one GE interfaces the FIQx and the FIYx can provide PWE-based IP/Ethernet connectivity for the BTS. The FIQx and the FIYx can also be used for E1/T1 connectivity.

RF Standards

Radio Technology  Standard
GSM/EDGE 3GPP TS 45.005 and 51.021 release 8 for FXxA/FHxB/ESMx and rel 10 for FXDB, FXCB,FXFC and FXEB

Dimensions and Weight

Flexi Multiradio BTS modules are Flexi mechanical platform compatible and have dimensions and site and clearance level requirements according to the platform.

Dimensions of a standard 3 HU module

Module  Width(mm/mm) Height(mm/U) Depth (mm/mm)
Flexi EDGE 18/36 TRX System Module(ESMB/ESMC) 447/492 133/3 U 422/560
Transport sub-modules 262 40 165
Flexi RF Module Triple 70W
850/900/1800/1900 (FXxA)
447/492 133/3 U 422/560
Flexi RF Module Triple 90W
900/1800 (FXxB)
447/492 133/3 U 422/560

*Width of the casing without front covers / with front covers

*Depth of the casing without front covers / with front covers

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