Huawei OceanStor 2800 V3

Brand: Huawei

Model: OceanStor 2800 V3

Detail:The OceanStor 2800 V3 (2U, dual control,AC,96GB,8 * GE,12 * 3.5inch,4 * 600GB SAS,SPE33C0212).

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The OceanStor 2800 V3 storage system is a next-generation virtual storage product for video surveillance developed by Huawei and based on current storage application standards as well as current storage technology trends. This storage product is designed to meet enterprises’ requirements for converged IT of computing and storage in video surveillance scenarios.

In the cloud computing era, virtualization technologies have been employed by over half of the severs deployed in business environments. These technologies enable more agile and efficient services with lowered costs and improved resource utilization. However, such technologies also demand skilled system and application engineers to operate them. The employment of virtualization architecture has changed the traffic model of data centers (DCs) while bringing new challenges to security management, network management, and assurance of performance and service level agreement (SLA). The Huawei OceanStor 2800 V3 storage system is an IT infrastructure product based on a converged architecture where virtual servers and high-performance storage are integrated by using SmartContainer feature for on-demand resource allocation and expansion. With the OceanStor 2800 V3 storage system, enterprise new service rollout period is greatly reduced, improving operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

Based on flexible and scalable design principles, the OceanStor 2800 V3 storage system provides industry-leading hardware specifications and a RAID 2.0+ underlying virtualization architecture to meet the varying requirements of services.

In addition to providing outstanding storage performance that ensures smooth and secure operation of data services, the OceanStor 2800 V3 storage system offers easy-to-use management and convenient local/remote maintenance, greatly decreasing the management and maintenance cost.

Alice card





Processors per controller1 x 6-core processor
Cache size per controller48 GB
Max. number of controllers2
Maximum number of disks750
Controller enclosure2 U controller enclosure with 12 x 3.5-inch disks
Type of supported disk enclosures4 U SAS disk enclosure with 24 x 3.5-inch disks
4 U SAS high-density disk enclosure with 75 x 3.5-inch disks
Maximum number of disk enclosures4 U SAS disk enclosure: 30
4 U SAS high-density disk enclosure: 10
Maximum number of disk enclosures connected to back-end channels (ports)A maximum of eight SAS disk enclosures can be connected to a pair of SAS ports. Three is recommended.
A maximum of eight high-density disk enclosures can be connected to every two pairs of SAS ports (a pair consists of two adjacent ports on the same card).
Common disk enclosures and high-density disk enclosures cannot be connected in a mixed manner in the same back-end loop of a SAS interface module.
Supported disk typesSAS (used as data coffer disks, located in slot 0 to 3 of a controller enclosure)
NL-SAS (used as data disks, located in the other slots of controller enclosure, 4 U SAS disk enclosure, and 4 U SAS high-density disk enclosure)
SATA (used as data disks, located in all slots of 4 U SAS disk enclosures)
Supported hot-swappable interface module typesGE
10 Gbit/s TOE (optical)
10GE (electrical)
SmartIO (Used as front-end ports. Each module has four optical ports. 10 Gbit/s Ethernet is supported. iWARP is not supported.)
Supported hot-swappable expansion module type12Gbit/s SAS
Maximum number of hot-swappable I/O interface modules per controller2
Length of expansion SAS cablesCommon disk enclosure
Electrical cables: 1 m, 3 m, and 5 m
High-density disk enclosure
Electrical cables: 5 m.
Redundancy degree of main componentsBBU: 1+1
Power modules: 1+1
Fan: 1+1

Model: OceanStor 2800 V3

Detail: The OceanStor 2800 V3 (2U, dual control,AC,96GB,8 * GE,12 * 3.5inch,4 * 600GB SAS,SPE33C0212).

Availability: IN STOCK

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