Brand: Huawei

Model: LE0KS9306

Detail: 02113090 Huawei S9300 Series switch S9306 Assembly Chassis

Condition: Brand New Sealed

Availability: IN STOCK

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LE0KS9306 Overview

S9306 Assembly Chassis.

Quick Specs

Figure 1 shows the appearance of LE0KS9306.


Huawei S9300 Overview

Quidway® S9300 switches (S9300 for short) are next-generation high-end terabit routing switches developed by Huawei designed for multiservice convergence. The S9300 is designed based on Huawei’s intelligent multilayer switching technology to provide high-definition video services, large-capacity wireless networks, elastic cloud computing, IPv6-capable hardware, and integrated security in addition to stable, reliable, and secure high performance L2/L3 switching services. The S9300 is a highly extensible and reliable platform integrating switching and routing functions to facilitate end-to-end integrated networks, and is widely used in WANs, MANs, campus networks, and data centers to help enterprises build application-oriented networks.


★  1. Agile Switch, Enabling Networks to Be More Agile for Services

★  2. Innovative CSS Technology

★  3. Carrier-Class Reliability

★  4. Powerful Service Processing Capabilities

★  5. Various Network Traffic Analysis Functions

★  6. Comprehensive Security Measures

★  7. Comprehensive IPv6 Solution

★  8. Innovative Energy Saving Design




Ordering information

Brand: Huawei

Model: LE0KS9306

Detail: 02113090 Huawei S9300 Series switch S9306 Assembly Chassis

Condition: Brand New Sealed

Availability: IN STOCK

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