Huawei OLT MA5800-X2

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Brand: Huawei

Model: MA5800-X2

Detail: MA5800-X2 and Main Control OLT from Huawei

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Appearance and Structure

The MA5800-X2 service subrack has a fan tray on the right side. The subrack is installed in the cabinet through the mounting brackets.



ESD Jack

The ESD jack of the MA5800-X2 service subrack is on the bottom of the fan tray and is used to connect the ESD wrist strap to prevent device damage caused by electrostatic discharge.


The MA5800-X2 subrack has 2 ground points. One is on the left side panel and the other is in the middle of the right mounting bracket of the subrack.

The power input end of the MA5800-X2 has a noise filter. The center ground of the noise filter connects to the subrack, known as the chassis ground or protection ground. Ground the subrack enclosure securely to divert the induced or leaked current to the ground and improve the protection against electromagnetic interference.

Use a ground cable to connect the ground point of the subrack enclosure to the ground bar of the telecommunications room or to the ground directly. It is recommended that the grounding resistance of the telecommunications room should be less than 10 ohms. Refer to the local standards before grounding the subrack.

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Physical Specifications

This topic provides the dimensions, weight, power supply specifications, and power consumption of the MA5800-X2 service subrack.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and weight of the MA5800-X2
Specification Value
Dimensions (H x W x D, excluding mounting ears) 88.1 mm x 442.0 mm x 268.7 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D, including mounting ears of IEC standard) 88.1 mm x 482.6 mm x 268.7 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D, including mounting ears of ETSI standard) 88.1 mm x 535.0 mm x 268.7 mm
Weight (fully configured, including mounting ears of IEC standard) 9.4 kg

Power Supply

Power supply parameters of the MA5800-X2
Specification Value
Power supply mode DC (dual sources for backup)/AC power + battery
Rated voltage
  • DC power: -48 V/-60 V
  • AC power: 110 V/220 V
Working voltage range
  • DC power: -38.4 V to -72 V
  • AC power: 100 V to 240 V
Maximum input current
  • DC power: 20 A
  • AC power: 8 A

Power Consumption

Power consumption of the MA5800-X2 service subrack (Unit: W)
Typical Configuration Static Power Consumption Maximum Power Consumption Typical Power Consumption Board Configuration
GPON 164.5 299.5 232.0 H901MPSC*2+H901GPHF*2+H901PISA+H901FMSA

The power consumption of a service subrack is calculated based on the following conditions:

  • Operating voltage: -53.5 V DC.
  • Ambient temperature: 25°C.
  • Static power consumption: All ports are idle, and no optical module is inserted to any optical port.
  • Maximum power consumption: All ports are running at full capacity.
  • Typical power consumption: half of the total value of the static power consumption and maximum power consumption.
  • The power consumption of access devices is generally transformed into heat consumption. Therefore, heat consumption (BTU/h) and power consumption (W) can be converted to each other using this formula: 1 BTU/h = 0.2931 W.

Model: MA5800-X2

Detail: MA5800-X2 and Main Control OLT from Huawei

Availability:  IN STOCK

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